Neverending love PART 1

By admin
01 November 2013


There are few people like Colleen Naidoo who are driven by the force of love and will stop at nothing to help our children.

Tell Move! how you became a foster and emergency care mother.

I started looking after children from a very early age. During the holidays, I would take care of the neighbours and the kids in my family. Today, I continue looking after kids, but the difference is they live with me.

Why did you become a foster mother?

I have always loved children and have felt the need to make sure that they are healthy and safe. A child must always have love and protection. I was not loved in this way when I was growing up.

How long have you been doing this?

My husband, Farrell, and I have been looking after abused children for 14 years. It is very tough, but we are surviving. Three years ago, I registered as a non-profit organisation that is legally accepted. We don’t receive much help, but the help we get is much appreciated. The government sponsors us with a foster-care grant for only five children. The rest we care for with my husband’s salary, but last month he was suddenly retrenched and now we face more difficulties, but our faith will carry us through.