Neverending love PART 2

By admin
02 November 2013

What are some of the memories that you have kept over the years?

I will never forget the cold night the police brought the twins into my life. Nicole and Nicolette were two weeks old when their mother dumped them in a toilet in Khayelitsha. When they got here, they were so dirty, I won’t lie to you, the flies were sitting on them. The two girls tested HIV positive and their skin was raw because of the virus. I washed them and made them smell like babies. I love them so much, as if they are my own. At home, we call them Princess and Queen and I always say that I am blessed to live with royalty.

How do you handle their status?

It was an adjustment, but I was never scared. My husband and I know the facts and we are strong. Nicolette (Queen) has since tested negative. The doctor said that it is possible in the case of twins. The one who is born first is affected the worst. Like in our case, Queen has survived the virus. They are now five years old – and we were told they would never turn a day older than six months.

What makes you happy?

I live to see the smiles on all the children’s faces. Nothing makes me happier. When they come here, they are sad and I try my best to lift their spirits.