Not all carbs are bad for you: We list healthy ones

By Faeza
23 February 2016


One food group that had an unfairly bad rap in 2015 and deserves a second chance is carbohydrates. We tell you which are the HEALTHY carbs that you need to include in your diet ...

Although some carbohydrates received crumby reviews in 2015, research from theUniversity of Surrey in the UK shows that incorporating the right kinds of starchy foods into your diet is consistent with consuming fewer calories and, as a result, achieving sustainable weight loss.

In fact, the vitamins and minerals as well as filling fibre found in carbohydrates might just be the answer to staving off energy dips and unnecessary snacking, staying alert during the work day and maintaining a healthy weight.

Leading nutritional experts suggest it’s the excessive consumption of refined, fatty carbohydrates like chips and oily crackers that are more likely to contribute towards weight gain. The right kinds of carbohydrates, however, can actually assist in keeping off the extra kilos, by increasing the resting metabolic rate (RMR) of the body, which in turn burns more calories.

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