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  Not all is gone

By Faeza
15 July 2015

“And she said, "Your maidservant has nothing in the house except the jar of oil"” - 2 King 4:2 (NASB)

We all know the story; the husband of a maidservant has passed away. As good as he was, he had debts and when he dies the debts are not cancelled instead the debt collector is threatening the widower that he'll take her two children to be his slaves. The maidservant is worried and she consult  the prophet - Elisha. Elisha's question was "What do you have?" Her answer was "I have nothing except a little oil".

My friend, you always have a little something in you that can change your situation or make you appreciate God. You might not have a car but thank God you have taxi-fare. You might not have your dream job yet but thank God you have a salary. You might not have all that you want but you have all that you need. Thank God. Not all is gone.

Pastor Lulamile Sifuba


Change Bible Church, Daveyton