Nthati Moshesh

By admin
25 August 2013


You have been in the industry for many years, and is now on Scandal! How is that going?

I have been in Scandal! foryears and I'm happy. They allow me to do other things, and I like that. They respect the fact that I have a life outside work. I could not have chosen a better place to work at this point in my career.

What does that mean?

I always say that young actors and actresses should not do soapies; they should spread their wings.There is nothing wrong with soapies, but they are more for people like me, who want stability and to focus on their families. Young stars must explore various roles, travel and have fun. I had that opportunity, and by the time I had my son, Sabelo I had done all that. Now, my focus has shifted.

What were some of the highlights of your career?

I remember, when I first startedacting, I earned R900. Somehow,I'd make ends meet. It was nota lot of money, even then, but ittaught me a lot about the industry.Everyone thinks it’s about theglitz and glamour, but it's not – it isabout passion and talent. It’s alsoabout exploring the country andthe world and seeing what you canlearn from other people.

Which places has your job takenyou to?

A highlight was the 1995 CannesFilm Festival. We were treated likeroyalty and I loved that our pressconference came right after JohnnyDepp’s. I was happy, but I havelearnt how important it is to belevel-headed.I also lived in LA for six monthswhen I was 30, which was an eyeopenerof note – I met some of thebest directors in the industry. I'vetravelled a lot ever since.

What do you enjoy most about travelling?

I love the serenity and solitude. Because we are always in the public eye, it’s a breath of fresh air to be at a place where nobody knows you. I love people, but it is liberating to be alone and do the things that you enjoy sometimes, without anyone coming to chat to you.