Ntsiki Mazwai

By Faeza
28 June 2016

Ntsiki Mazwai well known for her Twitter fights has done it again.

This time she threw shade at Cassper Nyovest for the interview he conducted at Sway.

She posted on Twitter and on her blog how she felt about the interview.

In her blog entry she states how she is a fan of Cassper and how she use to Tweet at radio stations before he became famous to play his music.

"In an interview to MILLIONS of listeners world wide Cassper proceeded to grovel for Americans. I think what was even sadder to watch was the dj trying to bring consciousness to the conversation but Cassper just could not keep up. The dj started the interview by framing Hip Hop and its roots beginning in Afrika. That WHOLE conversation FLEW over Casspers head when in his response he started gushing about America and how we south Africans aspire to be American. No Cassper, that is just you and your self worth issues, the majority of south Africans are VERY African." said Mazwai in her blog

She goes on to say how artists should not only focus on their craft but should read books and become conscious of about themselves and their history.

To read the entire blog entry click here