Nursing training

By admin
09 November 2013

What school subjects would help a person who wants to study nursing?

Nursing is an academic discipline that requires scientific knowledge and skills, and therefore subjects such as science, biology and mathematics are recommended. An extra language will also be useful, because this will help you communicate with more patients.

What personality traits are important if you want to be a nurse?

Above all, you need to be interested in people and in helping them to maintain or improve their health. Nursing is a physically demanding career and you need to be strong physically and emotionally. You must have good perception skills, sound judgement, a very well developed sense of responsibility and determination. You must be able to put the needs and wellbeing of your patients above your own. It is also important to remember that nursing services are 24 hours a day, so you may be required to work night duty, unsocial hours, over weekends and public holidays.