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On set with Papa G

By admin
10 August 2013

“People think that Papa G is a cruel person, but he’s not. He’s just misunderstood”

How do you bring the character (Papa G) to life?

Papa G is an interesting character that everyone loves. I read and understand the script, so that I’m able to portray him in a way that people can relate to. I make him as real as possible.

Even when you are not shooting for isidingo, I see you are still wearing the colorful shirts and extravagant jewelry. Are you responsible for Papa G’s wardrobe?

When I went for the audition for the role of Papa G, I was wearing my colorful shirt because that’s who I am. The producers of the show loved my style and thought it would be best if Papa G was also flamboyant. I actually design some of the shirts that I wear on Isidingo. I love bright colours.

You’ve been with Isidingo since 1997 when it first starte. Can ou remember the first time you were on set?

It was a bit tough because we were a new team in a new setting, with different people. There were also many expectations. I wanted to impress because it was a new soapie.

What has been your best storyline?

When I was in prison. The prison scenes were amazing. It showed us what happens in our prisons. It felt so real and authentic.