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By Faeza
10 August 2015


Baby Daddy Season 4 at 18h30

[Episode – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note]

As Danny prepares to meet Georgie in Paris, Ben leaves Danny a fake love note from Riley to see if there is anything between them.

Atlanta Exes Season 1 at 19h00

[Episode 3]

Christina tries to bring the group back together and smooth things over but when the ladies meet for lunch, the conversation takes a turn to the left and the insults fly!

Devious Maids Season III at 20h00

[Episode 5 – The Talk of the Town]

The Talk of the Town. Zoila discovers a secret from Genevieve's past. Rosie struggles having both Ernesto and Spence in her life. Marisol tries to fight her attraction toward Jesse. Carmen is outsmarted by Adrian. Taylor reaches her breaking point.

Ballers Season I at 21h00

[Episode 8]

Former all-pro football player Spencer Strasmore wakes up haunted by memories of his playing days. He chews down pain meds to start his day. Along with his friends Ricky Jerret and Charles Greane, Spencer attends the funeral of their former teammate Rodney, who died in a car accident with his crazy girlfriend. At the funeral, Rodney's widow, Tina, tells Spencer to get his life together so he doesn't end up like her late husband.

Bad Judge Season I at 21h30

[Episode 7 – Communication Breakdown]

While helping her friend cope with a divorce, Rebecca is scared off by Gary's commitment-themed romantic night. Angela Kinsey guest stars.