Online fashion shopping: How to be safe

By admin
11 August 2013

If you haven’t stepped into the world of online shopping yet, now is the time. Online fashion shopping is exploding in South Africa.  For those of you who haven’t yet experienced this new and exciting shopping experience, Tracy Gold gives you tips to venturing into cyber space shopping safely.

Do a bit of Google research to find your favourite shopping sites.

There are quite a few out there with a strong online presence, so you won’t need to do too much searching.

Make sure to read the return policy.

I really like the 'free delivery, free returns' sites. It means there is no risk if the item doesn't fit or I just don't like it.

Learn your sizes in your favourite brands.

Generally, once you know what size you are in your favourite brand of shoe or dress, it's much easier to order again.

Subscribe to the newsletters.

This will keep you updated on their new stock, sales and specials.

BEWARE, it can be addictive!

If you are the type of person who avoids the stores during lunchtime so you don’t buy clothing and shoes you don’t need, be very aware of the addiction of online shopping.  The temptation is always there.  Only buy what you can afford, love and will wear.

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