Online shopping a safer alternative?

By Faeza
22 July 2015

With the threat of mall robberies, kidnappings and hijackings by criminals dressed as police officers, no one can deny that online shopping can be a much safer option when purchasing goods in South Africa.

“Nowadays, it is quick and easy to buy online, knowing that due to innovative encryption and continuous security upgrades by leading payment gateway providers, you are more likely to be in a safe and secure shopping environment whilst online,” says Derek Wilson, Head of the free to use financial comparison website.

There are various benefits to online shopping which, in many cases, makes it better and safer than conventional shopping:

  • Safety. Shopping malls are often the target of organised crime and gunpoint robberies. Shopping online eliminates these risks.

  • Kidnappings. It is so easy to get distracted while you are shopping, and many children have been kidnapped right from underneath their parents’ noses when their

parents merely turned their backs for a few seconds.

  • Making impulse purchases. When you’re shopping online, the chances of making impulse purchases is much less, because you are less likely to be distracted or swayed by persuasive sales consultants into buying things you don’t really need. This, in turn, will save you money.

  • Convenience. Online shopping can literally be done from anywhere in the world and from the comfort, convenience and safety of your bed. This eliminates the risk of

driving to the shops and falling victim to crimes such as highjacking or robbery while you’re out shopping.

  • Reviews. Word of mouth is everything, and online peer-to-peer interaction is invaluable to online shopping communities. Nowadays, it’s so easy to tell whether or not you are getting what you’re paying for simply by clicking through a couple of reviews.

  • Availability. Gone are the days of hunting around aimlessly in search of the perfect goods. When shopping online, you literally have thousands of shops at your fingertips. And online shopping often offers discounts and free shipping, once again saving you time and money.

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