Operating in the spiritual realm

By admin
01 August 2013

You can beat the odds against you if you know your story, says Erica Mathye

Matthew 4:5

"Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the

highest point of the temple. "If you are the Son of God," he said,

"throw yourself down. For it is written: He will command His angels

People are spiritual beings. We live in the flesh but our bodies

embody the spirit around which our existence revolves-No spirit, no

life. God also communicates with us through the spirit.

Win in spirit

All battles are won and lost in the spirit. Here's an example: Two

students hope to become doctors one day but they're both struggling at

Mathematics. Knowing how important the subject is to her university

entrance, the one student decides to take extra classes and practice

some more. But after failing two tests, the other student decides to

drop out of school.

What's the difference?

The second student didn't think very far concerning her future or the

trial that was before her.

Satan was not concerned about whether or not she knew Maths, his

bigger picture was the student's future. He knew that by placing what

seemed like a stumbling block in front of her, he would not only

destroy her for that year but for the rest of her life. As christians,

we also need to look at the bigger picture. The devil may be telling

you to quit your job right now or leave the husband you're with

because "God will assign his angels concerning you". But wake up and

smell the coffee dear, the devil is all about ruining what you have in

the physical so he can torment you in the spiritual. What happens if

you leave your job and no offers come after three months or a year of

sitting at home? Will you then not look at God and curse Him for being

"unfaithful" to you?

What's a sister to do?

We're not saying people should endure hardships, but know the battles

that are worth fighting. We   cannot deceive ourselves as christians

and think that everything will just fall on our laps. Yes, God

provides for us in His own ways but opportunity meets preparedness.

You have to conquer the physical in order to tap into the spiritual.

You cannot afford to walk around with a mouth that looks swollen

because "somebody has upset you". Who doesn't get upset? The world

revolves around nobody, get up and confront whatever is stealing your

joy in the spiritual (pray) and confront it (boldness) in the physical

in the name of Jesus.

To the sick: The Lord has seen your pain, He knows your anguish (Psalm

103:3). He knows how weak and tormented you are. But don't focus too

much on what you feel, rely on what you know. He will heal all your

diseases. Feed your spiritual muscles (read the Word of God, speak his

promises) and the physical pain will starve to death.