Opinions: Gay marriages, yes or no? part1

By admin
30 October 2013

Should gay marriages be legalised? Yes

Unathi Mkhupiso says that marriage is between two people and God. Other people who want to involve themselves are only interfering, she says. Unathi cannot believe how ignorant and prejudice people are and says, “People fought for freedom and equality, and yet there are people who still want to oppress others.”

Unathi definitely thinks that gay marriages should be legally recognised in South Africa. “We are human beings, just like straight people, and we would like to marry those whom we love,” she says. It is painful and unjust that certain rights can be taken away from some people because they choose to love the same sex. “The constitution guarantees that no-one should be discriminated against, and that includes gay and lesbian people.”

Murderers, thieves and other criminals have rights and Unathi finds it difficult to understand why gays cannot enjoy the right to form a marriage. “What we are doing is not criminal.” Gay people share the same dreams as heterosexual or straight people. They want somebody to love, that they can marry, to settle down and start a family, she argues. She and her partner would be able to raise kids and they would teach them respect and love them like any “normal” parents would.