Opinions: Gay marriages, yes or no? part2

By admin
31 October 2013

Should gay marriages be legalised? No

Gay people should not marry at all, says Namhla Luhabe, because marriage is between a man and woman only. She strongly believes allowing gay people to marry would mean support for homosexuality. “Gay is not good and we can’t promote it.” She says both the Bible and African culture do not support gays and lesbians, and that “this is a very new fashion in our culture”.

She believes that evil practices from Western culture are creeping into the black culture. A cultural wedding for any black gay couple would clearly not be supported, says Namhla.  Although she accepts that people of the same sex have relationships, this should not easily translate into a marriage. “We cannot stop people from having a relationships, but marriage is a public affair.” She questions the motives of gay people when she says, “I think they are trying to change society into a gay one.”

Namhla says that homosexuality has also contributed in breaking down families. “A close friend lost her husband to another man.” She believes a large part of marriage has to do with having children and raising them in a stable environment.