OPW: bittersweet wedding

By Faeza
07 March 2016

Image: Opw Faceboook Image: Opw Faceboook

It’s been a while since we reviewed an episode of Our Perfect Wedding, and it seems we returned just in time to witness one of the most beautiful weddings we have seen this season.

The newlyweds Martin and Tafadzwa.

Martin met his wife at her work place and immediately pursued her. His pursuit would later lead to their beautiful matrimony.

However, with every wedding comes unnecessary family drama.

Martin, 56, found himself with no family support after they were a no show on the most important day of his life.

Viewers' hearts sank when they saw Martin dressing up for his wedding with no close family to support him.

Most viewers were in disbelief as they watched a teary-eyed Martin prepare for his wedding alone.

Thankfully, the joke was on his family as Martin and Tafadzwa managed to execute a gorgeous wedding, filled with love and beauty.