OPW: Bittersweet wedding part 2

By Faeza
09 March 2016

Image: Opw Faceboook Image: Opw Faceboook

The OPW interracial couple Martin and Tafidzwa Milani’s wedding has a few more twists to it.

Viewers witnessed the groom  spend his wedding day without the support of his family or friends.


Viewers expressed their heartbreak at the awful experience Martin had to endure and bashed his family and his brother in particular, for not showing up at the wedding.

Now the brother,  Jeremy Milani , hits back at the reports that he’s not supportive and even labelled the bride as a gold digger.

martin and wifey

According to iHarare, Jimmy Milani sent a letter to the media, voicing his side of the story, He explained that he moved to Canada from South Africa in 1999 and has always been supporting his brother Martin financially and emotionally

“I am his brother and I live in Canada. I moved from South Africa in 1999. Martin took care of our parents but they passed away many years ago. I HELPED HIM FINANCIALLY EVERY TIME HE WAS IN DEBT AND HAD NO MONEY.  For the past 15 years, I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS THERE FOR HIM, NOT THIS GOD DIGGING WOMAN HE NOW CALLS HIS WIFE,” said the brother.

Jimmy added on:

“Martin’s biggest mistake was telling her he went on early retirement and he now had over R1.5million invested for his retirement. She suddenly had a huge interest in dating him. Within one year of meeting him she managed to convince him to marry her. He fell for it like a fish because had no family in South Africa anymore. He flew to her home town, paid a ridiculous amount of lebola to her parents.”

The couple has yet to response the letter.