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Our actions as believers are critical

By Faeza
16 September 2015

Do you call yourself a believer and people know you as one such, according to your claim? When you start behaving in anyway contrary to the way a believer is supposed to do it is the name of YaHWeH that would be judged by your actions. People would say "Look at those that says they are YaHWeH's people are they taught not to respect parents"?   If seen not respecting your parents thus bringing the name of YaHWeH into disrepute. The name of YaHWeH is a holy and set apart name and when we call that name, then deliberately use it to blind people or hide our evil and wickedness then we are bordering around calling the name of YaHWeH in vain, that's blasphemy.     Brethren it's better to call a title which is Lord or God as they are many of those, but the minute you call the name of YaHWeH in the middle of evil you are in big trouble YaHWeH will not let you go unpunished (Deuteronomy 5:11)


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH