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Our favourite Durban July 2016 looks

By Faeza
04 July 2016

Members of the public and celebrities went in hard this year with their Durban July outfits.

Here are our favourite looks: 13524391_1028474540522499_3230058619932772177_n CJVFggeWwAAwAQT Cmgg3zCWgAAeBNh CmghTvPWYAA_Rp3 CmgS2HWWAAAivKX CmgUc0eXgAAAKwB CmWtT-zW8AAQrfd CmXaLSZWAAAdBJz CmXDiUqWEAASWFd CmXfsDAWIAAZC49 CmXWmvlW8AA0k3p CmXZkNEW8AAj0gp*Pictures were obtained from Facebook and Instagram