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Our plea to YaHWeH

By Faeza
21 November 2015

"Ooh YaHWeH have mercy upon us we have sinned against you. We have rebelled in our hearts against you. We have disregarded your statutes just like those before us. Our Elohim, You gave us the gift of life and showed us the Way to eternal life, but we threw it away as we listened more to your adversary for the pleasures of the flesh, which finishes like  vapor.

Brothers have cocked guns against brothers due to greed. Its now better to be in a company of beasts than of our own human species. We are devouring one another just like  the sons of the watchers did to men in the days of Noah.

Today, our Elohim, the world is in turmoil, people are killed like flies for religious ideologies, yet, you never created religion but you wanted us to have a relationship with you. How long YaHWeH, how long? How long are we to endure these atrocities? How long are we going to be exposed to this unrighteous world? Help us Father of all creation, restore peace and help us to over come evil in YaHShua's name. So be it".......


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH.