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Our struggles are similar to those of the youth of 1976

By Faeza
17 June 2016

In the spirit of youth month I will illustrate how the youth of the 20th and 21st century are more similar than different.

The discrimination and segregation system in South Africa initially started in 1948. My mother Grace Muteme was born in 1956, eight years into the apartheid system.

I was born was within the last two years of the apartheid era, 1991, yet my generation is facing the similar struggles that my mother’s generation fought against. The youth of 1976, my mother’s generation, fought against having Afrikaans as a medium of instruction at schools.

I had the opportunity of attending a former Model C school where I witnessed pupils fight against bullies drugs and alcohol.  Although the government does give young people access to free education, some drop out and refuse to get educated. Our struggles are similar.

Grace and the people of her time could not travel anywhere without carrying their dompass. They could not enter certain areas because of the colour of their skin. In the 21st century the people of my generation are fighting a similar struggle due to the high levels of crime we cannot go anywhere at any time because we fear falling prey to criminals.

Instead of carrying identity documents we are forced to carry weapons to protect ourselves.

The 20th century generation fought against racial segregation and discrimination. They fought for the right to be treated as equals.

The youth of my generation is fighting a similar struggle, where individuals are being discriminated against or even killed for their sexual preference. Women and men who prefer to date people of the same sex, usually get mistreated and discriminated against.

Some are even subjected to hate crimes, where they are attacked because of their sexual preference. We are fighting a similar struggle.

Grace and I were born and raised during different times, yet our struggles are similar.

We are not yet Uhuru.

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