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Paprika is what is on everyone's lips

By Faeza
10 November 2016

Do you usually find that the mild flavour at Nandos is to hot for you and the lemon and herb is too boring?

We have good news for you Nandos had introduced a new flavour called Mozambican Paprika.

On the Nando’s PERi-Ometer,  Paprika is slightly hotter than Lemon and Herb (which also contains chilli, incidentally), but milder than their Mild flavour.

“It’s perfect for those of us who like our food on the flavourful-but-not-too-hot side, and it brings a whole new flavour dimension to the Nando’s chicken range,” says Pascale.

Nando’s new Mozambican Paprika flavour basting will be available from 10 November 2016.


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