Pastor Donnie McClurkin on Life and Ministry

By admin
17 September 2013

Pastor Donnie McClurkin can easily be described as one of today’s most relevant ministers and powerful gospel vocalists. But his favourite description of himself is simple. He says that he’sa psalmist. It’s one thing that comes naturally to him, and something that connects him to God’s voice more than anything else.

How do you view your ministry?

It’s kind of complex, but ministry to me is just simply my service. And how has God called me to serve? I guess without being cheeky, He’s called me to serve in ministry using humility. Humility is one of the foundations of my service. This means serving with genuine love for people, no matter who they are.

Who do you reach out to most?

I’ve got a real heart for those who are hurting, those who have been broken, and those who are in dysfunctional situations. And that comes from my own background. It’s about taking the feelings that I’ve had and the experiences that I’ve been through and using them to help other people.

How do you reach out to them?

Easy! That’s where the word ‘celebrity’ comes in. I understand God’s purpose for celebrity and renown. It is to draw attention. The secular side of celebrity draws attention to the artist. It says: “See me, hear me, love me, appreciate me and lift me up”. But with God, then word ‘celebrity’ is used in the opposite sense. In the world, this is called fame. In the Kingdom, it’s called greatness. Fame is all about me. But greatness is all about me making you somebody. The more I help you, the greater I become.