Pastor says Jeyes Fluid tastes like cold drink

By Faeza
13 December 2016

South Africa has wittnessed pastors feeding their congregants grass, petrol, antiseptic liquid and even spraying them with Doom.

Senior Pastor & Founder  of Agapao Bible Church International, Joshua Grace, is the most recent pastor to feed his church goers something out of the ordinary.

He gave them Jeyes Fluid during one of his services in Kwa Zulu Natal.



The pastor added photos of him giving his congregants the fluid and attached the message below:

"With JEYES FLUID (very strong one) as the Congrigents drank it ....started tasting different tastes (Fanta Pineapple , Water , Creme Soda , Apple Juice , Coke and Soda water) non of them became infected or died.," stated the post.