Pastor sprays congregants with Doom to drive away demons

By Faeza
21 November 2016

MZGA Pastor  Lethabo Rabalago who is no stranger to controversy has done it again.

The Limpopo based pastor  made headlines this passed weekend after images of him spraying members of the congregation  Doom to drive away the demons.

According to the the church's Facebook page the pastor called up members of the church who were ill. A woman by the name of Mrs Mitala was one of the women who came forward.

"She went to the forth and told the Prophet that she suffers from ulcer. The Prophet sprayed doom on her and she received her healing and and deliverance.

We give God the glory," stated the post on the church's Facebook post.

doom doom1 doom3

In one of the may pictures posted on November 19 on the church's Facebook page it states that the pastor sprays his church members with doom to drive out demons.