Patrick Mofokeng says it's important not to think you are better than others

By Faeza
23 June 2017

VETERAN actor Patrick Mofokeng, who is best known as the strict father, Mlungisi, on Scandal!, has for many years graced our small and big screens with his amazing talent. The way he masters his roles you would believe that he and the character are the same person. He says experience and a lot of practice make his characters believable.


“I have been in the entertainment industry for quite some time but I will not brag about how talented I am. One thing I have learnt throughout the years is that to become a good

actor, you need a lot of practice and research. And for me, the experience I have in this industry helps me a lot. Talent alone is never enough,” says Patrick. He says most people associate him with the characters he plays but he is completely different from them.

“I am nothing like Mlungisi on Scandal!. My kids know I am a very easy-going and understanding father. But in order for me to make the character believable, I spend time

with men who are like Mlungisi in the township and observe how they deal with situations they are faced with. I also took some of the elements from my mother. She always wanted things to go a certain way,” adds Patrick.


Most actors come and go. They sometimes find it hard to sustain their careers but Patrick has been relevant ever since he broke into showbiz. He says reading a lot of books is what keeps him updated on what is happening in the world. “Staying relevant is the most difficult thing to do in this industry. But I read a lot of books and magazines so that I can be aware of what is happening around me. I also strive to improve my craft,” says Patrick.


He says that staying humble in this tough industry can also help you go a long way.

“I love what I am doing and I don't feel like a celebrity or that I'm better than anyone. Some people think they are bigger and better than the game. I was very fortunate to have worked with one of the most experienced Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman. I have learnt humility from him. Seeing how humble and relaxed he is, made me think, 'Who am I to think I am better than the industry?'” asks Patrick. He explains that there is a lot of talent in the South African film industry but it needs investors for it to reach the level of Hollywood. “It would be great if someone invested in the South African film industry,” he says.