Pearl Thusi doing better after hospital scare

By Faeza
11 March 2016


TV and radio personality Pearl Thusi is doing better after being hospitalised during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Pearl had fans in a state of worry after she shared a series of videos, of herself in a hospital bed with a drip in her arm to Snapchat. One of the videos also showed Pearl being wheeled in for blood tests and other check-ups.

Confirming the unfortunate news to The Juice , Pearl's manager, Sarit Tomlinson explained that she was rushed to hospital but is doing a little better now.

"Pearl was rushed to hospital this morning as she was suffering from severe migraines for the last few days. Doctors put her on a drip and gave her some medication to help with the pain and she is doing a little better," Sarit said.

Channel24 has more details.