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Please help

By admin
11 December 2013

“My boyfriend’s erection does not hold for very long. When we make love he quickly ejaculates before I am in the mood. He gets so embarrassed afterwards – maybe he thinks that I am going to leave him. What is the solution to this problem?” – Lungisa, Eshowe

Dr Eve says

Relaxing is the solution to your problem. When you are in a sexual situation, you both worry because you expect he will ejaculate quickly and his erection will fail. You do not expect any pleasure because of this. In time you might be less willing to be sexual with him because you know you will not be satisfied. You will also be less likely to have orgasms because you are both embarrassed and tense, and you will not take time for fun and touching that you need to have an orgasm. He might also lose interest in having sex because he thinks he will fail.  I suggest the two of you forget about have penetrative sex for a while. I recommend you only touch, smell, lick and caress each other’s bodies. Touch each other’s private parts, by hand or mouth, but do not have intercourse. In this way the pressure will be off both of you. It will give him time to build confidence in his erections and ejaculation. You need to relax and have some fun!