Please help me before I get hurt one more time

By admin
18 December 2013

“I‘m a devoted mother of a one-year-old boy. I separated from my husband two years ago. I have always been unsure of getting involved after the failure of my marriage because I’m scared of being hurt again. I have not been involved in any relationship until recently. My new man does not have a child but he knows that I have a son.

The relationship is fairly new but he has never asked or talked about my child. He met him briefly but didn’t show much interest. I love my son and my life revolves around him. I have been trying tomake a balance between him and my life. I‘mconfused because I don’t know this guy’s true feelings.

We both have busy schedules at work but often I’m the one who keeps the communication lines alive. He has not told me that he loves me. I was not sure at first but I have already told him that I love him. Please help me before I get hurt one more time.” – Worried Mom, Johannesburg

Dear Worried Mom

I don’t think this man cares for you. Why don’t you ask him straight? If a man loves you, he will accept your child and love both of you equally. Keep watching his behaviour. The fact that he never tells you that he loves you and that he did not show interest in your child is evident enough.

Forget this man and move on with your life before you become frustrated and you frustrate your child in turn.Take any new romance slowly. You will come across the right man one day, a man who will care, love, respect and cherish both of you. He will understand that your child comes first.

You need someone who will appreciate and respect a woman who is responsible, especially when it comes to children. I wish you all the best with your son.