Politics meet fashion in Bey’s new single

By Faeza
09 February 2016

Beyonce car ride

Paying homage to her Creole roots, the undeniable Queen of Everything has dropped a new anthem titled “Formation”.

Critiquing white America and its history of racism (slavery, the Katrina aid disaster, Ferguson – need I go on?), the lyrics and video both give us an electrifying and unapologetic representation of black culture and black beauty with lines like, “I like my Negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils.”

Chronicling the evolution of fashion and Louisiana’s contentious history of race relations, Queen Bey shuts down naysayers while slaying in Formation.

Her artillery of black female dancers break down slick choreographed moves while clad in fashion-forward awesomeness that’ll have you bouncing in your seat.

It all culminates in a product that gives us a stellar (nay, mind-blowing) combo that excites the eye and informs and challenges the mind.

This musical product does so much more than entertain, though.

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