Portuguese prego rolls

By Faeza
22 February 2017

Prego rolls


For the marinade

¦ 60ml (4 tablespoon)

sunflower oil

¦ 1 red onion, chopped

¦ 1 red pepper, finely


¦ 4 cloves garlic, crushed

¦ 3ml (½ teaspoon)

ground paprika

¦ 5ml (1 teaspoon) sugar

¦ 1 bay leaf

¦ 5ml (1 teaspoon)

dry oregano

¦ 125ml (½ cup) beef stock

¦ salt and freshly

ground black pepper

¦ 4 x 200g portions

rump steak

¦ 45ml (3 teaspoons)

sunflower oil

¦ 1 packet of rocket

leaves or watercress

¦ 4 Portuguese rolls


To prepare the marinade;

heat the oil and sauté

onion, red pepper and

garlic until soft.

Add paprika, sugar

and stock and set aside

to cool.

Marinate the meat in

the cooled marinade for

at least two hours or,

preferably, overnight.

Remove steak from

marinade and fry in hot

oil until done to your


Remove the meat

from the pan, keeping

it warm.

Add the marinade

to the pan, and cook

until the sauce starts to


Season to taste. Place a

piece of steak and some

rocket leaves in each

bread roll and top with a

spoonful of sauce.