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Pregnant and beautiful

By admin
18 February 2014

At the most beautiful and exciting point in your life women struggle to look and feel beautiful; here are some simple tips for shopping for your growing preggy body and matching your style to your glowing skin.

Women struggle to find clothes that fit right and flatter their shape and size all the time but when you’re pregnant it’s just that much more difficult .

Gone are the days when being pregnant means dressing in tents and trying to hide your baby bump .Now you can look fabulous and wear clothes that flatter  (not hide) your baby bump and you'll still love these clothes in the few months after giving birth while your body gets back to its normal size and shape.

green strpless maxi dress Mr Price R99 Green strapless maxi dress from Mr Price R99

empire top R69.99 (maternity) Grey empire maternity top Mr Price R69.99

printed top R79.99 (Maternity) Printed Maternity sleeveless shirt MrPrice R79.99

ackermans dress R159.95 Printed long sleeve summer dress Ackermans R159.95

02-ladies-casuals-dresses-Jet-fashion-Feb-14 R99 Red hi-low halter neck dress Jet R99

01-ladies-donatella-fashion-tops-Jet-fashion-Feb-14R99 Red slinky top Jet R99