Premier told to apologise for hate speech 

By Faeza
02 July 2015

The Khoisan community has praised as victory, an Equality Court ruling that order Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas to make a public apology.

Lucas was found guilty of hate speech for statements she made during a live radio broadcast five years ago, where she referred to coloured people as Hot**t. In her radio interview, she also added that the Hot**t* (Hottentots) “only think about food and clothes”.

Khoisan leader Stanley Peterson, who first laid a complaint at the Human Rights Commission and then the Equality court, said the court ruling was victorious for mind of the Khoisan nation.

“Everybody walks all over us. We are already a marginalised people and then we still have to endure such statements from our own people. People always get so worked up when the K-word is used but keep quiet when the word Hot**t is used. We are also a people – a dignified people. We deserve respect,” he told news24.