Preparing to go home in December

By Faeza
01 December 2016

WITH the festive season around the corner, many people will be travelling to their original homes to see family. Be that as it may, one needs a good plan as last minute planning can cost more.


When travelling for long distances, it’s important to have a budget for all the costs that come with a trip. Unlike when you go to work every week, you’re more likely to spend more money during your time away. So it’s important to know ahead of time how

much you will need. To avoid being broke or in debt, there are things

Preparations to go see family after a long year should start well in advance you can do. Charl Nel, head of Communications Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Capitec Bank, advises that you must open a separate savings account from your daily transactional account.


It is also important to shop for groceries and clothes well ahead of time because prices usually go up in December. So start buying in bulk early on.


Shopping around for the best deals for travelling tickets ought to start early as well. Lezanne Human, CEO of FNB Savings, Investments and Fiduciary, says booking tickets in advance has advantages as you will avoid having to incur peak-season prices. But even so, you need not take the first deal you come across; compare prices. At times there are people who would be driving to your destination you might know. So why not take advantage of that? They will drive for you and you get there faster than taking the bus. The key is

in comparing prices.


For many people, they dread of going emakhaya because of the expectations that come with living and working in a city. When you get home they would expect that you brought them gifts. During the year you can start buying them these gifts one at a time and store them at your place. You can get those items while they are on sale. However, this will mean that you ought to change your behaviour. “Review your budget to see where you can save,”

says Charl.


Once you have a travelling date confirmed, you ought to let someone you trust that you would be away. You could also consider getting a person you trust to house-sit while you are away. You could even ask them to switch the lights on and off for you every night.