President Zuma does not have powers to stop investigations

By Faeza
25 August 2016

The office of the President has released a statement stating that President Zuma has no powers to stop the investigation against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. This comes after an outcry about this investigation from the public and organisation.

When the Hawks presented the minister with a letter saying he must present himself to them. The minister said that he had been legally advised that he was not obligated to do so and thus he didn’t present himself this morning (Thursday 25).

This whole debacle has had an influence on how the Rand is performing against other currencies.


The Presidency has noted the concerns expressed by individuals and organisations in society about the reported investigation by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (the Hawks) involving the Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan as well as other former South African Revenue Services officials.

President Jacob Zuma wishes to express his full support and confidence in the Minister of Finance and emphasises the fact that the Minister has not been found guilty of any wrong doing.

The Presidency wishes to also emphasise that President Zuma does not have powers to stop any investigations into any individual/s. Our constitutional democracy, the strength of our state institutions and the effectiveness of our courts in upholding and protecting rights is our guarantee of justice and fairness.

The negative effect of these matters on our economy, personal pressure on the individuals affected as well as the heads of institutions, however disturbing, cannot be cause for the President to intervene unconstitutionally.

The broader speculation linking these investigations to government and state owned institutions are equally unhelpful and they are also false and misleading.