Prevent repossession

By Faeza
09 July 2015

Many property owners who cannot meet their bond repayments make the common mistake of not contacting their banks, and sometimes choose to ignore telephone calls, letters and emails.

Head of Home Loans at Standard Bank, Steven Barker, gives some valuable tips to prevent repossession.

Tips to prevent repossession

  • Examine your budget carefully and cut debt levels

  • Sometimes giving your budget a makeover can free up enough cash to keep your payments on track. This process will require you to make changes to your lifestyle; limit eating out, cell phone use and suspend subscriptions. Remind yourself that the cutbacks are short-term and that keeping your home is of utmost importance.

  • Sell the property before you fall into arrears

  • Waiting in the hope that your luck will turn could make matters worse. If you don’t want to sell your home, you may need to sell something else. Look around your house and see what assets you can sell to boost your funds.

  • Ask the bank to extend your mortgage payback period to 30 years

  • This will give you more cash in hand, but you will pay more interest. You could always change the mortgage repayment period back to 20 years once your situation has improved.

  • Speak to your accountant or financial advisor

  • They may be able to give you financial advice on how to use investments to tide you over. While not ideal, cashing in an investment may be a viable solution. Financial advisors have experience with individuals in financial stress and may be able to suggest some feasible solutions.

  • “Remember, the bank will do everything in their ability to assist you to keep your home,” says Mr Barker.