Prioritise challenges

By admin
05 October 2013

Make two lists: one of the practical challenges and the other of emotional challenges. Number each list from 1 onwards – 1 being the most difficult challenge to deal with.

Start with the practical list

Making a decision to change a practical challenge is the key to solving it. The challenge sometimes appears to be so big that you feel powerless and making a decision is the last thing on your mind.  Think of all the options.  Now, make a decision. If leaving your job for another one is what you want to do, draft your CV, look for other prospects and keep on looking. Be realistic (for example, don’t leave your job before you have found another one). Be responsible and manage the process. Taking this step will help you see your challenge in perspective. Maybe your job isn’t so bad, or maybe you get a great new job. You will never know if you don’t make a decision about it.

Emotional challenges

Admit to your emotions. Acknowledge that you feel this way and be honest with yourself. Talk about these emotions with your friends or write down how you feel in your diary or even on a piece of paper.  Although a challenge such as this is emotional, you can often solve it with practical means. If you feel strong, sit down and take time to think about how this challenge has affected your life. Think of how you have changed. Chances are that positive things have come from this challenge – focus on that.

Another important thing when facing emotional challenges is to be patient and take your time. The positive effects of facing a challenge don’t happen overnight.