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Professional nails at home

By admin
07 February 2014

1)     The best time to apply nail polish is when they are completely dry. If you apply nail polish while your nails are wet, or right before using water, they will be prone to chipping. Start off by filing your nails in the desired shape. Buffing them also helps to smooth the nail base and makes it easier to apply nail polish.

2)     Start by applying a clear base coat. First, take a good amount of polish on the brush and apply a coat right in the centre of the nail. Take some more polish on the brush and apply coats on the two sides of the nails. Make sure that the entire nail is covered in these 3 swipes. Never keep on repainting the nail, it thickens the polish and you may smudge it. Let the base coat dry completely.

3)     After the base coat is done - apply the colour of your choice to the nail. Apply it in similar fashion, first in the centre of the nail and then on the sides. Once all your nails are done, wait for it to dry. If the colour that you've applied is really light, it needs another coat. So apply the second coat and make sure it dries.

4)     Apply a top coat and let it dry. If you want to, you can apply a fast-setting top coat (available in beauty stores) and make sure it sets really soon. If you don't have a top coat, dip your fingers in ice cold water. This sets the nails polish and gives it a nice shine.

5)     If you've gotten some nail polish on your cuticles, fingers or anywhere else, don't worry. Dip an ear bud in some nail polish remover and gently remove the extra polish. This will make sure your nail polish job is clean and neat.