Q and A session with J'Something about the Durban Good Food & Wine Show

By Faeza
14 October 2015

Joao da Fonseca aka J'Something will be cooking a mystery dish at the Durban Good Food & Wine Show:


Q:  What will you be cooking at the show in Durban?

J:  It's a surprise, but trust me it will be delicious and simple.  It will be down to earth and - more than anything else - my demo will be the most fun out of all of them.

Q: Where did you love of cooking come from?

J:  My mother and father … they both love cooking. I wanted to create a little escape from music and started cooking as a hobby. Now anytime I get off I just cook … made Asian short ribs last night with some spicy cabbage and it was just delicious

Q: Food and music seem to be your two passions.  Have you had any ideas how they can be combined?

J:  Ha ha … well I cook and sing … I just need to find out how I will sing and cook!

Q: Do you cook for the band?

J: All the time

Q: If you're having some mates over for a meal, what would you prepare?

J: Pizza is my favorite thing to do with friends. I have a pizza oven and it’s a great social time to catch up and eat

Q: In Durban you'll be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rick Stein, Brent Owens, Reza Mahammed and Jenny Morris. What dish would you cook to impress them?

J: I don’t really cook to impress … I cook more to enjoy and have a good time around food. I would make them a feijoada … a typical Portuguese dish that I think they would appreciate it … it's warm and hearty

Q: Best meal you've ever had (cooked by someone else!)?

J: Too many to mention. But I never get tired of my moms prawns

Q: What do you love to eat?  What do you hate?

J: I don’t like spinach and livers. Everything else I love!

The Durban Good Food & Wine Show happens from October 30 to November 1 at the Durban Exhibition Centre in association with Durban Tourism. There will be book signings with all the celebrity chefs at the show, along with Q&As and the Big Durban Curry Cook-Off. The visiting chefs will be staying at the Oyster Box Hotel.