Queen B declares AKA as the love of her life

By Faeza
06 September 2016

TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba well known as Queen B, took to her Twitter account to declare AKA as the love of her life.

A year ago when AKA and B’s romance made headlines for the controversy around it people assumed it was doomed from the beginning.

Since then the two quickly became one of Mzansi’s most loved power couples and envy of many.

When the news first broke about their romance, the two tried everything possible to keep their love affair out of the public’s eye.

But that’s a thing of the past, nowadays the queen and her king can’t seem to help themselves from flaunting their relationship.

Everywhere the queen goes her king follows and visa versa.

And for the first time since they starting dating, B has publicly declared her love of for AKA.


In other news: And not so long ago Queen B was showing off her other love – her Mercedes-Benz AMG collection on her Twitter with a snap of them.   

AMG's are mostly driven by guys, it’s very rare to see a woman driving one so Bonang being the trend setter she is, she is one of the few women driving around town in one.

She even started the #GirlsWithAMGs hashtag and captioned the snap with a line from DJ Khaled’s track I got the keys.

"#GirlsWithAMGs..... I promise, they ain't gon' like this!"