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Race has become another sore point for the South African Rugby Union (Saru)

By admin
24 March 2015

Race has become another sore point for the South African Rugby Union (Saru) when transformation in rugby was discussed in Parliament on Tuesday, according to reports.

According to Netwerk24 some MPs complained about the “white faces” in Saru’s delegation that presented to the portfolio committee on sport and recreation.

EFF MP Pebane Moteka asked: “If you do not even your leadership can transform, how are you transforming the sport?”

Solly Malatsi from the DA then tweeted that Saru’s presentation reminded him of "the unbearable whiteness of the state of South African rugby ".

Saru’s president Oregan Hoskins, who led the delegation, asked MPs to confirm that he was not white.

"Honourable members, look at us and say we are all white men. As someone who grew up under apartheid, I know it is politically correct to refer to myself as black. Sometimes I just do not understand," he said and shook his head.

He said if they were to play political games about who is black and who is not, it leaves them in a very different minefield.

“But I forgive people who think I'm white."

Netwerk24 reported that Saru’s delegation was made up of four black and four white members.

"In Saru we try to do the right thing. I have to look at a white player and say we have to replace you with a black player because of transformation. It's part of the job, but we will try to maintain a balance between competitiveness and transformation.”

Hoskins added that transformation would take time.

He said they did not want to put a black person on the team because of the colour of his skin.

“We want to develop black players in order to compete on the same level as white players.”

ANC MP and committee chair, Beauty Dlulane, said more needed to be done for transformation in rugby, especially in rural areas.