Racing your dreams part1

By admin
03 November 2013

Danisile Khumalo (32) of Midrand, Gauteng, talked to Move!. ”I am working as a consultant in the banking industry, but this is not my passion. I am interested in motor sport – I love fast cars. My dream is to be a professional motor-sport driver.

Motor racing is an exciting career, although starting out isn’t that easy.

Move! asked Gugu Zulu to advise Danisile. He is a racing driver/marketer and advanced-driving instructor at Kyalami Race Track in Gauteng.

What training should Danisile undergo?

It will depend on what level of motor sport she chooses and how far and how competitively she wants to participate. Like in any sport, fitness is the key.

Is Danisile’s dream realistic?

In the end it’s all up to you and what you want to do. It’s her dream, after all, and not anyone else’s.