Racing your dreams part2

By admin
04 November 2013

Danisile Khumalo (32) says I would like to find out about how I can become a racing driver and how I can get sponsors. Is it possible for me to enter the world of motor-sport racing at my age or is my dream unrealistic?”

Is there money to be made in this sport?

Realistically, no. Motor sport in South Africa is more of a hobby, whereas overseas it’s an industry and is highly competitive. Those who manage to get the right sponsorship deals get financial rewards, but not much.

How big is motor sport in South Africa?

Motor sport is growing from strength to strength. There are two other drivers of colour who are national champions, namely Tschops Sipuka and Philip Kekana. As for woman in sport, there are no more than six I know, so for Danisile to get involved she would be raising the numbers for girl power.

What companies are likely to sponsor someone like Danisile?

Unfortunately, there are no companies or sponsorship programmes I know of.