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Reasons to use a toner

By Faeza
29 October 2015

Zenoyise John gives you reasons on why you should use a toner

¦ It reduces oil

Applying toner will remove oil.

¦ It cleanses the skin

Our skin is an organ through which our body gets rid of toxins and unwanted acids through sweating. Some factors such as harsh soaps can change the natural chemical composition of your skin. When this happens, your skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance and that may result in excessive oil. Using a toner helps to restore this balance quickly.

¦ It protects the skin

Toners close pores and tighten skin cell gaps after cleansing. This reduces the penetration of dirt into the skin.

¦ It moisturises

Some toners can help to keep the skin moisturised.

¦ It refreshes skin

You can use a toner instead of washing your skin when it’s oily or dirty.