Recycling talents in the entertainment industry

By Faeza
01 September 2016

It’s always exciting to watch new drama series with our favorite actors as part of the cast. However, it also becomes confusing when we see the same faces in different films, and we tend to be not sure of the characters names and their roles.

DSTV’s Mzansi Magic is one channel that has the most favorable drama series with local content and it also has become home to some of the actors and actresses.

Themba Ndaba, Gail Malebane, Sello Maake Ka-Ncume to name the few, are some of the actors who seem to have found home in Mzansi Magic as they appear on more than one film.

The trend has become common to the Ferguson Films as they use their trusted actors in different films they produce.

Under the production, Sello Maake Ka-Ncube who is famously known as Archie on Generations is one of the actors who is within the Ferguson Film’s family. We seen him playing the role of Rolex Ngidi on Rockville and also he is part of the cast in the recently introduced drama series called The Queen as Kgosi Kgosietsile.

Also, Zandile Msutwana whom a lot of people might remember as Akua on SABC 1’s Society was on etv’s Igazi as Nomakhwezi and now on The Queen as Vuyiswa Jola.

Among others, Themba Ndaba is another actor who is under the wing of the Ferguson Films as he also the part of Rockville as Ngema and on The Queen as Brutus Khoza.

However, it seems as it is not only the Ferguson Films who use same actors over and over but also on Muvhango a lot of viewers were recently in shock when they saw the return of Molobane Mbatha who was playing the late Moriti Mojalefa, appearing again as someone else.


This had once raised questions and concerns where the viewers and other people in the industry were questioning the way producers handle their choices as to casting the same people over and over.

The hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry was recently trending on twitter as people were sharing their views on the matter.

Some viewers were tweeting about the recycled talent, that some actors move from one film to another and as viewers they can’t event relate to the characters.

Others were even making comments about Rockville and The Queen having the same actors which got a lot of people confused.

The reason for the hashtag was for the entertainment industry to open up opportunities for new talent and not always use what is already there.