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Release the people who hurt you

By admin
04 July 2014

Life seems to stop when someone close to you does you wrong. But we can get over the hurt if we let go of our power to hurt them back says Apostle Beathandwa . Bathandwa Kwatsha is an apostle, radio presenter (on SABC’s Tru FM in Bhisho), mother, and motivational and conference speaker on women, children, religious and governance matters

If you carry your offenders in your heart, you will attract many unwanted diseases and weight.

It’s not worth it. Let God heal you and allow Him to deal with the situation the best way He knows how. The Bible is clear about those that betray others.

God, in His sovereignty, had determined that His Son would be betrayed by a friend, but divine

foreknowledge does not destroy human responsibility or accountability.

Judas made each decision freely and would be judged accordingly, even though he still fulfilled the

decree of God (see Acts 2:23). The fact that the disciples were puzzled by this announcement reveals that they did not know Judas’s true character. If you have a Judas in your life, let God deal with Him in order to raise you to another level.