Remove your hamster mentality

By Faeza
23 November 2015

In your day to day living is the perfect will of Elohim your top priority or its other businesses that YaHWeH has blessed you with? The company you keep: do you have the same mindset, that is of helping each other to do what's pleasing and perfect will of Elohim?

Evaluation of such company is of paramount importance for a determination of whether it is there to help you grow spiritually or a company of praise singers who are afraid to correct you in love and in truth? Are your friends able to advice you according to the word of YaHWeH or according to the feelings of the flesh?

My brethren your companions when you approach them with, say a "marital problem" do they ask you to pray before you narrate your story? bearing in mind there are two sides to that story, and marriage is a covenant of only three individuals you, your spouse and YaHWeH and only the three know the truth of what is really happening? Due to that wisdom only from YaHWeH can bring lasting solutions, and not what may be perceived by the eye.


Pastor Washington