Revamp Your CV and land your dream job!

By admin
20 April 2015

The source of frustration and desperation for many people, especially the youth, is the difficulty to find work. Unemployment remains a huge problem in South Africa and this requires government and business to continue to work together to find solutions. There are a few things you can do for yourself though to improve your chances of landing that dream job.

This week we look at how you can position yourself and stand out amidst hundreds of job applicants applying for the same position as you are by revamping your CV and making it work for you.

Your CV is your marketing tool. A couple of years back, Professor Jonathan Jansen, Rector of the University of the Free State pointed out in his letter addressed to the jobless graduate, a few mistakes which may be costing you the opportunity to get hired. If your CV is too long, not presentable, has grammatical errors, has inconsistencies and recounts your life history, you are committing mistakes that will land your CV in an unattended pile like so many others.

Your personality and strengths should shine through in your professional profile. A short paragraph describing your strengths and work ethic as well as your career goal will help you to stand out. Also take note that employers want to see that:

? You have the required skills to handle the job. So customise your CV to reflect the relevant skills. If you don’t have the necessary experience, advises that you stress your education and other skills that will show the prospective employer that you can do the work and will hit the ground running. Use the time while looking for work to improve on your technical as well as soft skills (people and life skills).

? Will go the extra mile in your job. You can reflect this through volunteering your services while waiting to get that job. Volunteering will give you valuable experience, which will come in handy when you finally get that job.

? You are proactive. Project initiatives of your own will show the prospective employer your strengths and value-add.

? You take pride in your work. Your CV should be presentable and concise.

Keep the length to two pages. Don’t forget the cover letter, which should be to the point, reflect your relevant skills and show you off as enthusiastic and passionate about your work.

If you haven’t mastered the skill to achieve the above with your CV, it is advisable that you invest in having your CV professionally written. P.S What is most important in this whole process is that your stay positive and determined throughout. Make it happen for yourself.

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Francine Mashabela is a Career Guidance Practitioner and founder of Uniquely U Personal Development and Career Management Services, a company dedicated to assisting individuals and groups with tools for personal development and career growth. She uses her experience in HR and education and training to help clients reach their dream career goals. Francine is also a radio presenter at Impact radio 103 fm.