Revealing the fullness of Christ Jesus

By Faeza
20 July 2015

What you will love and admire most about the book is it’s relevance in encouraging the body of Christ and all people really – this generation – to take on their identity which is Christ and to manifest Christ. No other identity will do and it’s in being rested and established in his identity that we can actually live effectively for Christ.

The book enriches life and inspires one to be in action mode, to intentionally find ways to reveal and show Christ to this generation.

One can’t help but notice that this book was written by a teacher of the Word who knows his stuff in this area (certain concepts were really well defined and you can learn some new meanings). But it was also written in a way that a lay person – everyday person – could understand, learn from and receive from.

The book has a lovely build-up from beginning to end with chapter six on wards stealing the show. The last four chapters stand out and they are the climax of the book: fellowship with Christ, being Christ follower, revealing Christ in deeds and finally manifesting Christ.

The book not only addresses the need for this generation to know the fullness of Christ and revealing to others, it is also very practical giving examples of how this should be done by our involvement and influence in every sphere of society.

The book is inspirational, it leaves the reader with a call to action if I can put it that way, to manifest Christ. In other words, yes we have read about the person of Christ, we have become aware that it is His will that we experience and know Him in His fullness and impact the world through such an encounter… But now also go and do so. Don’t just sit and soak, realise your dreams and what God wants you to do, take that, believe it and go impact this world for His glory. It’s all in us, His fullness dwells in us. It’s left for us to discover this and awaken to this truth and act upon it.


“Your book was a marvel to read and to say that I spiritually benefitted from it is an understatement as it illuminated every corner of my life. Well done that was a good read.”- Mr Elijah Ntsibande (An accounted).

“I finished reading the book on Thursday and Friday I got appointed as a permanent employer since I was working as an intern. God is really good. The book has changed my life. I am really transformed. Now I fully understand Christ. I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember but sometimes I will doubt Christ and now I understand that I can be great as Him.”- Nokukhanya Mhlanga. (A Social Worker)

“Dear pastor Letsie, My mom is working with the teenagers at church and unfortunately I’m never there to hear what’s happening but she sat with your book the whole of December making notes. When I had to leave for Johannesburg she said to me “Zipho, where did you get this book? You know it has lot of things that I can teach with.” Basically what I’m trying to say is that the knowledge that God has entrusted to you to share is reaching for more and will continue to reach hundreds more in an attempt to reveal the fullness of Christ.”- Zipho Meyiwa. (A school teacher).

“I am in fasting and prayer, and your book is the voice of God, so much power and revelation of who Christ is and who we are in Him. Sir you have been raised for such a time as this.”- Themba Tom Ntuli. (Medical Doctor)

“Continue shaking the world; your book is a life changing experience that makes salvation easy yet powerful. The book downloads the heaviness of God and explains His oracles so that even a carnal mind can understand. The book is a masterpiece and it gives light and direction for our generation.” Thokozani P. Sibande (Theology student).

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