Rhythm City's Siphiwe Mtshali talks about why him and his wife make a good team

By Faeza
18 November 2016

Siphiwe Mtshali is best known as the former host of the popular dance show, Jam Alley. Lately he can be seen on our small screens as Bash on e.tv’s soapie, Rhythm City. But

Siphiwe reveals that his biggest role is that of a family man and husband to his beautiful wife, Charmaine Mtshali.

The two lovebirds are parents to five boys, their oldest son is 10 years old, while the youngest is only five, with all their children only a year apart. He tells Move! that they’re done trying for a girl as his squad of boys completes his family.


The 35-year-old former Generations actor says he can’t imagine life without his wife of eight years. “My wife is an extension of me; we are a mean team. We go through difficulties like any other married couple, but I can confidently say that we love each other and we are

stronger as a team.

Whenever there’s something bothering her, I would feel it without her having to tell me

in so many words. She is beautiful inside and out, not forgetting the fact that she is a great cook. I am truly blessed to have her in my life," says the Soweto-born entertainer.

Charmaine also has nothing but praises for her husband. “What makes our marriage work is the fact that he is a very understanding man. He is always emotionally aware of my feelings. I love that we are able to resolve our issues without any hassles. We are so connected to each other that we can't stay upset with each other for long.

Over the years, we’ve learned that honesty is truly the best policy in our relationship. We do our best to tell each other the truth no matter how painful it is. We deal with issues head-on,” says Charmaine, who will soon be launching her children’s book, Mnqweno and the Children of Light.


The star says he grew up a naughty boy who couldn’t take orders very well from his father, who is a bishop at a Zion church. Being a father himself, he is now experiencing just how naughty boys can be, but says this is exactly what makes him love his little ones unconditionally.

“Ever since I became a father, my whole world changed. My kids have taught me that I don’t have to fight my battles alone, instead we go through challenges together as a family. I enjoy being a father simply because I love my family and spending time with them. Raising boys means there are lots of soccer games and outdoor activities, but

most importantly we pray together. I teach them to respect prayer and about the

importance of going to church,” says Siphiwe, who is an aspiring musician and will be releasing his single early next year.

He also mentions that he and Charmaine try to speak the same language to their children, meaning if they ask for something and it’s a no from dad then it’s also a no from mom.