Rhythm City's Suffocate on being a father

By Faeza
13 April 2017

FOR someone as famous as Rhythm

City star, Mduduzi Mabaso (41),

he is surprisingly humble and

family-oriented. Loved for his

graceful charm and humility on

and off the screen, Mduduzi has a lot to

boast about; a successful acting career

and a happy marriage with his gorgeous

wife, Fatima (35).

The couple share a

beautiful bond and are raising their

blended family together, which is made

up of four children, Njabulo (9) and Zolile

(6) and Ntokozo (15) and Nompumelelo

(11), who are from Mduduzi’s previous



This year the couple is celebrating 10

years of marriage. But their journey to

marital bliss was not a smooth one.

Mduduzi, who was married before, says

committing to Fatima was not easy as his

previous marriage was full of challenges,

which led to him developing resentment

and disrespect towards women.

“I really don’t want to dwell too much

on my previous marriage. All I can say is

that it affected me to the point that

I wanted nothing to do with women and

I made a vow that I would never love

again,” he says.

Mduduzi confesses that it was Fatima

who changed his perspective on women,

made him believe in love again and

shaped him into the man he is today.

“After two years of being single,

I met Fatima on the Zone 14 set, where

she worked with the production cast.

I was curious about this lady who all

the men were throwing themselves at.

I wasn’t really interested in wanting to

know why they were after her because

I thought she was a snob from the

suburbs, so I knew she was off limits.”

Mduduzi says as fate would have it,

their working schedules collided, so they ended up spending more time together.

“I was pleasantly surprised when she started

talking to me. I discovered that we had a lot in

common and after two months, I knew that she

was the one I wanted to grow old with. I asked her

to marry me and the rest is history.”


Mduduzi, who was born and raised in Alexandra,

Joburg, says he loves being a father, but he

unfortunately never had a relationship with his

own father. He says if it wasn’t for his wife, he

would have been just like his father.

“I never had a close relationship with my father

like I do with my kids. My father never came to

check if I was fine or needed money. We never

connected, which I didn’t understand as a child.

I became like him towards my children from my

previous marriage. At first, I didn’t understand

them, I just made sure they were well taken care

of and my relationship with them ended there,”

says the award-winning actor.

He says when Fatima came into his life, she

made him realise how important it is to have a

relationship with your children.

“Fatima showed me how important a father’s role

is towards his kids. She taught me how to become

the best father to my kids and I became a handson

dad. When my wife came into my life, she filled

a huge void and showed me the importance of

love,” says the former Zone 14 actor.


The love the couple shares is mutual. Fatima, who

is Mduduzi’s manager, a fashion designer and

business woman, says when she met Mduduzi, she

knew that he was the man she wanted to be the

father of her children.

“If it wasn’t for the love that he showed me

and admitting to me that he had children from

a previous marriage, then I wouldn’t have even

considered him as someome I could marry. I know

for a fact that if I had rejected his love, I wouldn’t

be happily married with a beautiful family,”

says Fatima.

She says she doesn’t believe in the title step-mother.

“Mduduzi and I are great parents to our children.

I believe that what is Mduduzi’s is also mine. His

children are my children even though they didn’t

come from my womb. I love them and I have

promised to take care of them as mine.”


Life has not always been this rosy for Mduduzi.

He was jobless for seven years and couldn’t even

afford bread.

“I was busy with theatre work, which didn’t pay

me,” he says. He says his father passed away in

2005 and things were bad for him then.

“When I was told that my father had passed away,

we didn’t even have money for the funeral and

I didn’t know what to do,” says the former Yizo Yizo

actor. But fortunately for him, he received a call

from The Bomb Shelter Productions offering him a

part on Zone 14.

“I told them I couldn’t take the job as my father

had just passed away. They sent me money to bury

my father and asked me to come to work after the

burial,” he says.

“Miracles happen when you pray with an open

heart. I also believe that my father’s passing had

something to do with where I am now. I think it

was his way of apologising for not giving me any

fatherly love.”